DANKONG combines the character King Kong and the beans to create a familiar image
for those who do not like beans or have bad memories of beans to familiarize themselves.
Meaning either the ‘one and only King Kong’ or a portmanteau of the words ‘protein’ and ‘beans’,
the robust protein content of the bean invokes the image of the powerful and robust King Kong.

We at Dankong design and develop characters, and oversee the manufacturing, distribution, export, and licensing of the products based on our characters. Our main content is “Dankong & Friends”, which we have followed up with a series of content production, corporate collaboration, merchandising and distribution, and offline stores. We seek to develop a wide variety of contents based on the idea of ‘well-being’ and the dream for a happy and healthy world, and Dankong & Friends has took part in licensing exhibitions and events to promote the idea of healthy lifestyle through Dankong’s cuteness. Dankong wishes to be the foremost character of well-being and health in the world, and we want to deliver smiles and small happiness to people around the world with our “kongeniality.”
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Exhibition & Award History
  • 2019
    Global Content Conference 참가
    KNOCK 피칭 행사 우수기업 선정
    KDB NextRound 진출 확정
    중국 선전 완구 제조 및 유통업체 캐릭터 라이선싱 계약 체결
    중국 상하이 쇼핑몽 테마파트 업체와 계약체결
    홍콩 에이전트와 전속 계약체결
  • 2018
    광주 ACE Fair
    넥스트 콘텐츠 페어 (Next Contents Fair2018)
    차이나 라이선싱 엑스포 (CHINA LICENSING EXPO 2018)
    메이커스 코리아2018 기획전 x 의정부 신세계백화점
    파주 운정 홈플러스 팝업스토어
  • 2017
    인도네시아 자카르타 수출상담회
    판교역 기획전 ‘이럴려고 창작하지’
    가로수길 롯데엘큐브 기획전